Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall 2010: Beauty Trends.

This fall, much like the trends we saw on the runway, the beauty trends are total opposites. You can be dramatic or au naturel. Which ever you perfer, I promise you'll look fabulous! Here's some tips:

Red Lips.
Find the right red for you. Go bold with lipstick or stick to a stain. There are many different shades to try. If you only want to test it out, try burgundy... and eventually lead up to the bright stuff ;)

Pony Tails.
Yay for ponytails! I rock these many times within a week. High, low, in the middle, to the side, sleek, with a pouf... the list goes on and on. However you like it, rock it out!

Dramatic Shadow.
These fall make up artists explored the idea of putting shadow right up to the browbone. It's a bold look, but it could look really nice with neutral colours, dont you think? Need some help finding the perfect neutrals? Get Urban Decay's NAKED PALETTE! It's the answer to all our prayers =)

Bombshell Waves.
Perfect for any outfit and any occaision. Give it a try, use a larger curling iron or a straightener with rounded ends. Or... put your hair into a messy bun for a bit and voila! You've got waves to die for!

Au Naturel Makeup.
This look is just about enhancing your natural beauty. The idea of wearing making without really wearing makeup... know what I mean? Key: flawless skin, soft pink lips, little to no shadow, brown mascara.

Have fun practicing and playing around with these looks. The trends are so bi-polar, mix it up and discover what you like best.

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Get Inspired! ...Modern Glamour

A trend I am extremely happy to see (and incorporate into my own style!)... Modern 1950's Glamour. This look is all about high waisted pencil skirts, structured tops, polka dots, high heels and bombshell curls. It takes guts to wear this look. Be stong. Be sexy. Be yourself. And give this trend a try =)

Fall Trend: Minimalism

Don't know about you guys but my back to school wardrobe pretty much consists of these reoccuring outfits. Dressing for school is all about being comfy yet cute. You want to be taken seriously but at the same time look chic. Leggings are obviously a go to item. You can wear them with just about anything. Right now I love to idea of full length leggings with an oversized shirt. Denim shirts are in... but I prefer menswear shirts. Give it a try!
Besides leggings, my go to item is skinny jeans! Skinny jeans look great with everything except extremely long shirts (shirts that look like dresses...). The best thing about skinny jeans are they pull together any outfit. No sloppiness here guys.
If your feeling flirty, try a voluminous skirt with tights. Boots keep you warm... and heck throw in an oversize cardi and your good to go =)
Another trend I've been seeing others wear lately... denim cut offs with tights. While I have never quite been a fan of this combo I must admit, when done right it is extremely cute. The key is to keep it simple and cover up on top please!

The key to minimalism is basic pieces that are not only majorly trendy at the moment, but also clothing that will last for years to come. Keep it simple but still incorporate your own flair. Quality matters. The trick to good basics is mixing in one trend at a time; be it a red shoe, lace up boots, forest green tee, or camel coat. Remember to have fun with fashion! Happy styling =)

Also, I'm dying to find a great, inexpensive pair of lace up boots. Preferably with a wedge so its easier to wear to school... Anyone know of any good pairs?!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look I Love: Glam Rock and Roll

Just a few pics that inspired me. I love the idea of mixing softer fabrics with tougher ones.. The key to fall layering is texture! I especially love the picture of Coco Rocha in the tweed blazer and leather leggings. Very chic, feminine yet sexy at the same time. Other reasons why I was inspired... 1) that menswear inspired jacket =impeccably styled, 2)The boyfriend jean worn in a way I've never seen... sky high heels, LEG WARMERS! and loose fitting cardi. Oh it is love!

TIP: For fall, soften up your black clothing by wearing it with beigey coloured items. I just love the contrast --I'll definitely be rocking this look soon...

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