Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Can Feel it!

Spring that is. I can feel it. In fact during the past four days, it's been sunny for three! We had one really crummy grey rainy day but the rest have been sun, sun, sunny! Thought since I'm catching up on some blogging I'd share these spring buys with ya. Tell me what ya think! I haven't had time to try out the products yet but I'm sure they are gonna be great ;)

*Okay, so I don't know this well enough to figure out how to put captions under a picture. So here goes...

Beauty Must Haves for Spring 2010 - CORAL! Coral blush, coral lipstick, and I especially love coral nails. Try it out =) I couldn't help myself. It was love at first sight when I saw Mac's "Ripe Peach" ombre blush. It's kinda like a bronzer and blush in one. I am very excited to try this one out.
Also from their Colour Collection... I bought two lipsticks. Once again, I couldn't resist the beautiful coral color. And I have been looking around for a really pretty pink lipstick for awhile. It was honestly a hard call between the new Viva la Glam's "GAGA" (which is equally as beautiful), but I liked the shimmery "Bubblegum" just a little better.

Also stopped by at Aritzia and mission accomplished! i convinced my cousin to buy this shirt last week and after coming home I realized how much I liked it too =P It's pretty perfect for spring - loose, super soft and obviously comfy. A new basic in my weardrobe ;)

Can You Feel it...?

Here's that jacket I was talking about. I love it so much ;) Perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

Love & Luck

This past Sunday was the first day of Chinese New Year! It was also Valentines day. I felt this outfit suited both occaisions =) Bought this skirt awhile ago and I still love it. It's very soft and just girly and fun. I love how the bottom is black and has little metal stud type things. Black leather like boots pulled everything together. This outfit lasted me all day (and night) long. Another great Sunday!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Beauty Trends to Try

Flipping through magazines at work and I discovered some spring beauty trends I am dying to try out. Theres something so simple and effortlessly chic about the side braids at Alexander Wang that screams spring. I saw a customer wearing this enviable look today, poufed front and all... there I was in my apron and hairnet and dang was I jealous...
I usually have the tendancy to fall in love with just about anything purple.. So to me the purple shadows worn at Versace were just completely genius! Another smart move? They paired the purple with long flowing locks, which exude youthfulness and natural beauty. What else am I loving? The rainbow of eye shadow colours shown at Derek Lam. Nothing says spring quite like pastel pinks, purples and blues! Are you as excited as I am?
And one more thing... I'm pretty obsessed with nude lips right now. Maybe it's just because I like to emphasize my eyes but I find a nude or even pale pink lip pretty darn sexy as well. I hope you will join me in trying out these looks and remember to always make it your own!

R.I.P Alexander McQueen!

Alexander McQueen was not only a talented fashion designer, but a true artist. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed! After all, how could you not love this guy for bringing us shoes like these.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Shopping...

Went shopping with the girls today --will post pics of what I got when my camera is done charging! As much as I love a good end of winter sale... I just can't wait for spring to come around! Skirts, tanks, sandals! I'd live in them if I could. Guess I need to move to somewhere lucky enough to have sun 24/7! Here's what I'm loving at the moment... It's all about effortless dressing with blush tones. Tell me what you think.

PS: If you haven't yet discovered Polyvore... you're really missing out! It's one of the best things in my life right now. Yes, it's sad, I know. But check it out. You'll love it too ;)

Friday, February 5, 2010


So why am I creating this blog? First off, I thought it would be good practice for me (chasing after your dream means starting somewhere right?). Secondly, I spend so much time reading other people's blogs... Why shouldn't I have my own too? Thirdly... This blog provides a way for me to share my thoughts, opinions, inspirations, and random banter with the world (okay, maybe not the world but like Betty Suarez says.. "To inspire at least one person"). Yes I am an Ugly Betty fan. My cousin even jokes that maybe I will be like Betty one day... I take it as a compliment. To be successful and still remain her true quirky, unique self, that would be something I would be proud to become.

Anywho, if anyone out there is reading this at all... I look forward to sharing my fashion and beauty tips and advice with you all. Any questions, feel free to comment =) If you have a blog tell me about it. I'd love to check it out!

I will try to update as often as possible. Let me get used to this ;)

xo. B<33

PS: Btw, this is a very exciting moment for me.. MY FIRST BLOG ENTRY! oh em geee... ;)