Thursday, November 25, 2010

Need some inspiration?

Cold, snowy days aren't exactly fashion friendly. So here's some holiday fashion inspiration. Dreaming about wearing each of these outfits already makes me feel cozier. Bundle up guys... <3

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Chloé sweaters »

Tibi Lace and silk shorts
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Lusts...

What's on my must have list? Autumn basics! For the next couple of months (yes including my Christmas list ;)) I'll be on the hunt for these essential items. What's on your fall lust list?

1. A quality oversized cardigan.. that can be worn with just about anything!
2. A brown leather belt. Very chic.
3. A modest length pencil skirt.. remember my previous 50's glamour post?
4. A draped jacket! So hard to find a decent one... on a small budget... =(
5. A bouncy printed skirt. Very versatile piece, can go from day to night.
6. Some great platform "hiking" boots. So cute. I must get a pair ;)
7. Every woman needs a structured bag. Its simple, classic yet oh so feminine. And pulls any look together.

Thats it for today my lovelies. Have a great weekend. XO

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall 2010: Beauty Trends.

This fall, much like the trends we saw on the runway, the beauty trends are total opposites. You can be dramatic or au naturel. Which ever you perfer, I promise you'll look fabulous! Here's some tips:

Red Lips.
Find the right red for you. Go bold with lipstick or stick to a stain. There are many different shades to try. If you only want to test it out, try burgundy... and eventually lead up to the bright stuff ;)

Pony Tails.
Yay for ponytails! I rock these many times within a week. High, low, in the middle, to the side, sleek, with a pouf... the list goes on and on. However you like it, rock it out!

Dramatic Shadow.
These fall make up artists explored the idea of putting shadow right up to the browbone. It's a bold look, but it could look really nice with neutral colours, dont you think? Need some help finding the perfect neutrals? Get Urban Decay's NAKED PALETTE! It's the answer to all our prayers =)

Bombshell Waves.
Perfect for any outfit and any occaision. Give it a try, use a larger curling iron or a straightener with rounded ends. Or... put your hair into a messy bun for a bit and voila! You've got waves to die for!

Au Naturel Makeup.
This look is just about enhancing your natural beauty. The idea of wearing making without really wearing makeup... know what I mean? Key: flawless skin, soft pink lips, little to no shadow, brown mascara.

Have fun practicing and playing around with these looks. The trends are so bi-polar, mix it up and discover what you like best.

*Pictures from:

Get Inspired! ...Modern Glamour

A trend I am extremely happy to see (and incorporate into my own style!)... Modern 1950's Glamour. This look is all about high waisted pencil skirts, structured tops, polka dots, high heels and bombshell curls. It takes guts to wear this look. Be stong. Be sexy. Be yourself. And give this trend a try =)

Fall Trend: Minimalism

Don't know about you guys but my back to school wardrobe pretty much consists of these reoccuring outfits. Dressing for school is all about being comfy yet cute. You want to be taken seriously but at the same time look chic. Leggings are obviously a go to item. You can wear them with just about anything. Right now I love to idea of full length leggings with an oversized shirt. Denim shirts are in... but I prefer menswear shirts. Give it a try!
Besides leggings, my go to item is skinny jeans! Skinny jeans look great with everything except extremely long shirts (shirts that look like dresses...). The best thing about skinny jeans are they pull together any outfit. No sloppiness here guys.
If your feeling flirty, try a voluminous skirt with tights. Boots keep you warm... and heck throw in an oversize cardi and your good to go =)
Another trend I've been seeing others wear lately... denim cut offs with tights. While I have never quite been a fan of this combo I must admit, when done right it is extremely cute. The key is to keep it simple and cover up on top please!

The key to minimalism is basic pieces that are not only majorly trendy at the moment, but also clothing that will last for years to come. Keep it simple but still incorporate your own flair. Quality matters. The trick to good basics is mixing in one trend at a time; be it a red shoe, lace up boots, forest green tee, or camel coat. Remember to have fun with fashion! Happy styling =)

Also, I'm dying to find a great, inexpensive pair of lace up boots. Preferably with a wedge so its easier to wear to school... Anyone know of any good pairs?!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look I Love: Glam Rock and Roll

Just a few pics that inspired me. I love the idea of mixing softer fabrics with tougher ones.. The key to fall layering is texture! I especially love the picture of Coco Rocha in the tweed blazer and leather leggings. Very chic, feminine yet sexy at the same time. Other reasons why I was inspired... 1) that menswear inspired jacket =impeccably styled, 2)The boyfriend jean worn in a way I've never seen... sky high heels, LEG WARMERS! and loose fitting cardi. Oh it is love!

TIP: For fall, soften up your black clothing by wearing it with beigey coloured items. I just love the contrast --I'll definitely be rocking this look soon...

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

fall 2010 ...inspiration =)

sorry for the lack of posts. been spending every possible minute with friends since i only have a week left in this little town.. and every other minute ive been trying to pack. its not going too well haha.

on another note: loving the looks for fall. i'll try my best not to live in sweats while pulling my hair out in my first year of college... ;)

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Friday, July 30, 2010

You never say hey, or remember my name.

Loving these summer outfits! Can you believe its going to be AUGUST already? I can't... Life is going to be changing very soon (too soon!). Changing as in, my life is going to start. Like, officially. In about a month I'll be starting school, learning to become... dun dun dunnnn A JOURNALIST! Oh my.. life is going to get crazy. But it's a change that I am so, so, so looking forward to. I've spent the past year and a bit working and not doing much else. Getting back to reality will be good for me =) Anywho... back to my original train of thought... I was inspired by these outfits because of how simply put together they each are.

I've always been a fan of Natalie Portman's stlye. She always seems to be on trend, yet still sticks to her own sense of style. And always, always manages to look AMAZING! Really in love with her shorts/ tee combo. I like how the shirt has volume on top but because she tucked the shirt in it works. As for the second picture; Loving Brittany Snow's floral romper/ corset like belt combo. Very cute. The sweetness of the floral, and the bright colours scream summer yet the brown belt compliments it very well. Not to mention she's sneaking in a fall trend before fall has even begun!

The last picture was taken from The Satorialist. When I first saw it I couldn't take my eyes off of this couple. They both have an amazing sense of style. But what inspired me the most was not the woman's outfit. It was the guy's! He just looks very polished and I guess.. "cool". If you get what I'm trying to say... They both are obviously comfortable in their own skin, which is why they look so fabulously beautiful. I think I'm just drawn to the man because I envy his ankle length trousers ;) I've been craving a pair for awhile now...

Well ta ta for now. xo

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Trend to Try.. Maxi Skirts

So I will admit that I'm not exactly the biggest fan of maxi dresses, yet alone maxi skirts. I'm not sure why... I guess I just prefer shorter lengths since you know, it is summer! But looking around at other blogs I've been inspired to create these looks. And I get why this trend has been so big in the past... Maxi skirts are all about simple dressing. You can pretty much wear it with anything and look very pulled together and polished (albeit in 30 degree weather?). What's your opinion on this trend? I'd say it works for many occasions... BBQ, day at the park, day out shopping, grocery shopping perhaps. Even works for an evening out, maybe not a wild party (ok definitely not a wild party).. but cocktail hour? I say, have fun with this trend and play around with proportions. Ta-ta =)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to (School) Basics

Fall fashion inspiration straight from the pages of Vogue China, July 2010 - ft. Georgia May Jagger. Ain't she purdy? Loving the pink lips ;)
Sorry for the lack of posts, been a busy past few months...<3

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looks I Love

Love Kate Bosworth's stlye. This look is so effortless yet so put together all at the same time.
A look I'm intending on trying... I think the variety of different shades of grey is just too cute!
Nothing like a good summer suit ;)And Kate Hudson just makes everything look good. Diane Kruger is endlessly inspiring. Like how the hard black acessories complement the soft pink florals.

It's been awhile since my last post. But trust me, I have loads of goodies I have been meaning to tell you all about! Keep posted for those ;) Here's just some looks that I have been inspired lately... Loving the simplicity of summer clothing =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Plaid...

[skirt; club monaco][plaid shirt;costa blanca][tank; old and random][belt;joe fresh!]

Wore this to see Stars on Ice last night! It was essentially a little birthday treat for my mom and plus we have always loved watching figure skating on t.v but have never experienced it in person. It was amazing! Olympic gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were awesome but I think that Canadian all stars Jamie Sale and David Pelltier stole the show =)

Couldn't find my fave grey cardigan so ended up just grabbing this plaid shirt to throw on top. I think it worked.. What do you think? A new way to wear plaid for these upcoming spring/summer months?

Also, heres a random outfit I wore to a friends birthday dinner. As you can tell, I'm kind of obsessed with skinny belts at the moment. They just seem to pull any outfit together =)

[skirt;rickys][cardigan;jacob][top;club monaco][belt; ralph lauren from the bay][shoes;old navy --> very comfy btw!]

What a beautiful BCBG day...

[bag;BCBGeneration][top;BCBGeneration][jeans;guess][sweater;old navy]

Went out for dimsum with the family on Mother's Day. It was a beautiful sunny day so I thought I'd try out my new BCBG items =) Both the tank and purse can be found at the Bay. Actually bought these items when I attended their Spring Fashion Event a couple weeks back. The top was 25% off! But the bag was a birthday gift =) Thanks, Thom!

How did you guys spend your Mother's Day?

Friday, May 7, 2010

May Must Haves!

Was browsing around on Urban Outfitters' site... Couldn't help but share these lustworthy items with you. Really hoping I get the chance to stop by UO in a few weeks. Although, I think that might be a bad idea ;) However, it's my birthday soon! Perhaps I can convince some lovely people to buy these itmes for me! Teehee. Click on the image to enlarge it, you have to see these items in detail. Check them outtt!

Oh! Awhile ago I mentioned how I liked the idea of the ... dare I say it, "modern skort" trend. However this time around, the skort has had a dramatic makeover (and for the better thank goodness!), they are no longer ugly things your parents force you to wear. As you can see above, the skort has been reinvented, and are now the most adorable little short around. From far it looks like a frilly little mini, but guess what? They're shorts! So cute..

Just a brief description of my other must haves:
Still loving the corset like bodice (works as shirts or dresses). I'd like to call it a new classic item we all must own.
Love the bright blue colour of the rosette top. It's just so unique, and I'm a sucker for draping ;)
Everyone needs a little black dress. I like how elegant this one looks. As well, you don't see a strap like that everyday. Very pretty, sophisticated, and alluring? =)
And finally... saw this dress and immediately fell in love with the print and colour. Very Gucci-like. Also loving items that have a longer back. I want it so bad!

That's it for now. Xo

Whoa! Totally left this post without describing that gorgeous leather bag! But I don't think words are really needed here. It's a beautiful colour, classic shape, and it's convertible! Reminds me of Balenciaga. I must buy it.. Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silky Shirt Dress

Wore this dress about a week ago.. Love it. Only problem: it's 100% silk and clings like no other. Overall very comfy tho. Not a huge fan of the chambray shirt dress look. So this is my alternative ;) Hope your all having a good week. I shall try to make this blog a bigger part of my life! xo

Btw; I didn't start my day out wearing all of those rings. I only owned the gold flower one. My cousin gave me the other two at lunch. Absolutely in love with the silver one that wraps around my finger. So cute. Off to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. I think me shopping at Forever 21... shall be a very bad thing. At least the chances of me going completely broke there is highly unlikely..? ;)

[dress;mexx from the bay][belt;costa blanca (came with a pair of pants i owned)][shoes;aldo (last summer)][rings;the bay]