Friday, May 7, 2010

May Must Haves!

Was browsing around on Urban Outfitters' site... Couldn't help but share these lustworthy items with you. Really hoping I get the chance to stop by UO in a few weeks. Although, I think that might be a bad idea ;) However, it's my birthday soon! Perhaps I can convince some lovely people to buy these itmes for me! Teehee. Click on the image to enlarge it, you have to see these items in detail. Check them outtt!

Oh! Awhile ago I mentioned how I liked the idea of the ... dare I say it, "modern skort" trend. However this time around, the skort has had a dramatic makeover (and for the better thank goodness!), they are no longer ugly things your parents force you to wear. As you can see above, the skort has been reinvented, and are now the most adorable little short around. From far it looks like a frilly little mini, but guess what? They're shorts! So cute..

Just a brief description of my other must haves:
Still loving the corset like bodice (works as shirts or dresses). I'd like to call it a new classic item we all must own.
Love the bright blue colour of the rosette top. It's just so unique, and I'm a sucker for draping ;)
Everyone needs a little black dress. I like how elegant this one looks. As well, you don't see a strap like that everyday. Very pretty, sophisticated, and alluring? =)
And finally... saw this dress and immediately fell in love with the print and colour. Very Gucci-like. Also loving items that have a longer back. I want it so bad!

That's it for now. Xo

Whoa! Totally left this post without describing that gorgeous leather bag! But I don't think words are really needed here. It's a beautiful colour, classic shape, and it's convertible! Reminds me of Balenciaga. I must buy it.. Ta ta for now.

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