Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silky Shirt Dress

Wore this dress about a week ago.. Love it. Only problem: it's 100% silk and clings like no other. Overall very comfy tho. Not a huge fan of the chambray shirt dress look. So this is my alternative ;) Hope your all having a good week. I shall try to make this blog a bigger part of my life! xo

Btw; I didn't start my day out wearing all of those rings. I only owned the gold flower one. My cousin gave me the other two at lunch. Absolutely in love with the silver one that wraps around my finger. So cute. Off to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. I think me shopping at Forever 21... shall be a very bad thing. At least the chances of me going completely broke there is highly unlikely..? ;)

[dress;mexx from the bay][belt;costa blanca (came with a pair of pants i owned)][shoes;aldo (last summer)][rings;the bay]

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