Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arsty Print Florals

I bought this dress at Winners awhile ago, and I must admit, I've been wearing it an awful lot. I love pairing it with a skinny belt and cardigan. I'm afraid to say... I'm not usually one to repeat outfits, but with a different cardigan and shoes everytime, it gives this dress a new vibe each and every time i wear it. What do I like about this dress? Well, its comfy, like hella comfy! Fits me pretty perfectly. The colours are gorgeous. And I also like that it's not a traditional floral print. Sorry for the bad iPhone quality pics, but if you can tell, its more of an artsy floral print -- taking the "mixing prints" trend to a whole new level huh?

Do you ever repeat outfits...? Tell me what your "go to" outfit is and why it makes you feel special. In my opinion, every girl needs one; a quick and easy outfit that is reliable and instantly perks you up. Am I right?

Went to an event at The Bay last night, have some goodies to post but will do that later =) Took the day off to study for an entrance test... so I shall go do what I need to do... =S

Have a good day =)

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