Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not your normal jeans...

Trend to Try: Coloured Denim

I cannot believe summer is almost over!!! Where have the past 4 months gone? Spending my last few weeks over freedom back and forth between Victoria and Vancouver, sorting out things before school and (gasp!) packing all my clothes up and leaving the summer clothes behind.

If you haven't yet discovered Polyvore, check it out now!! it's an amazing site that allows you to express your creativity, create inspirational outfits, discover new trends, brands, and fellow polyvore users! (it's also a great time waster, if you're a procrastinator like me =P)

Anywho, hope this port inspires you to incorporate some colour into your outfits this fall! I'm currently on the hunt for some burgundy coloured jeans myself.

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